On Thursday November 19th, 2015
we have one goal world wide:


Promotional materials for Stop Pressure Ulcer Day

You can now order Stop Pressure Ulcer Day T-shirts and stickers for your event. T-shirts are available at 6 EUR and stickers can be purchased at 3 EUR per 10 stickers. The items are not dated, so you can also use them for next year events.

To place an order, please fill in the order form and send it back to the EPUAP Business Office.

Please feel free to download and share any resource related to the STOP Pressure Ulcer day:

You can find some inspiration from the 2014 Stop Pressure Ulcer events summary:
Stop Pressure Ulcer Day 2014 summary

Contact the EPUAP at, if you would like to share information on the EPUAP website about your STOP Pressure Ulcer Day event.

STOP Pressure Ulcer Day Quiestionnaire

If you answer correctly all the questions, you can win a copy of the NPUAP-EPUAP-PPPIA International Pressure Ulcer Guidelines and one Stop Pressure Ulcer Day T-shirt.

Please access the questionnaire here

The deadline for completing the questionnaire is 9th of November 2015.

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