One Vision, One Mission

Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure that we announce that recently in Yokohama, Japan, the beautiful country of Italy won the candidature for the organization of the Fifth congress of the WUWHS.

The theme of the conference is: “One Vision, One Mission”.

This is the principle behind the candidature of Italy and we would like to be an element that promotes greater aggregation and integration within the World Union of Wound Healing Societies. The main aim of our candidature is to promote shared project developed right from the moment of assignment of the Congress, in order to build, in synchronization with the actions of our Japanese colleagues, a long-term process of increased participation within the WUWHS, following the ideal of a great shared project.

The two major wound healing Italian societies (AIUC and AISLEC) have strongly supported the Italian bidding for the fifth WUWHS conference to be held in Florence in 2016 and they also have agreed to abandon the possibility in 2016 of holding their own national conference. The Italian societies have also committed themselves not to organizing from spring to the end of autumn, training activities on a national level. This joint commitment will be able to maximize the presence of participants and to concentrate the maximum attention of the sponsors on the world congress.

The objective envisaged by the Italian candidature is not limited to the actualisation of the congress in 2016. The work that the Italian candidature intends to carry out will have its starting point in the prestigious entrusting of the role of organising the fifth Congress and will develop from there, in collaboration with and fully coordinated by the Administration of the WUWHS, into the design and realisation of plans aimed at the consolidation of the role of the WUWHS as a strategic element of orientation and scientific reference of worldwide importance, offering support and coordination to research on a planetary level, and creating synergistic connections for the activities of the societies, both nationally and internationally, that make up the WUWHS. The fifth Congress will therefore be just an intermediate stage in a large-scale process of universal reinforcing and consolidation of the WUWHS role. The necessary financial support for the consolidation activities of the WUWHS is guaranteed by the economic results of the Congress.

The strength of the Italian and European candidature lies in a great movement of scientific culture, which affirms the desire to stimulate aggregation and collaboration among scholars of the entire planet. It is in this sense that we envisage the collaboration between Italy and worldwide societies and in this sense also we do see the emergence of a vast connecting structure made up of the cooperating organisations: this is the promulgation engine of the “One Vision, One Mission” theme and is the major element in spreading the scientific debate on topics that will be presented and discussed at the 2016 congress.

The interest displayed by the Italian Government will allow the Congress to avail of maximum possible visibility throughout the entire Italian scientific and academic community.

The local public administrations will guarantee their full support to the operational and logistical development of the event, facilitating it in every way possible, whether in terms of the range of services offered to participants or in terms of the availability of prestigious historical buildings within which parts of the congress may take place. The associations within the pharmaceutical and electro-medical equipment industries will be a key element of connection with local sponsors and will allow a capillary diffusion of information regarding the actual strategic value of a commercial communication in the context of the Congress.

The various tourism promotion bodies, both national and local, will be at our side in creating an extraordinary experience during their stay in Florence for vulnologists from all around the globe. At the end of this initial letter I like to send you a promise of collaboration in order to make the WUWHS a great project for everybody and every wound healing society to be developed with the Japanese friends in the next four years and for the future.

Yours sincerely,

Marco Romanelli
President Elect WUWHS